Every time I want to write something in my blog, I somehow manage to mess with my ruby/jekyll setup, so I guess it’s time for some docker.

Starting from the awesome work of Hans Kristian Flaatten’s docker github pages, but it lacks draft rendering. Instead of building another image with an hardcoded --drafts parameter, I added an ENTRYPOINT rather than CMD, thus converting the image to a command line jekyll.

I can then run

docker run -t -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app -p "4000:4000" jekyll-gh --drafts

to obtain a working site on localhost:4000 with rendered drafts.

The example command above assumes I ran docker build -t jekyll-gh . to build the image with the jekyll-gh tag.

You can find the Dockerfile in the code home of this blog along with a handy script to run the whole thing.